Thursday, September 17, 2009

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In my humble opinion... Hip Hop is advancing from a musical standpoint. The roots of the genre are so simplistic and replicable that modern day artists are in search of an avenue by which to propel the scene/culture forward. This means application of outside genre, melody and theory. The same trend took place in rock during the early-mid 70's when "art rock" bands like Pink Floyd attempted to extend the creative lengths of the art form. Keep in mind that rock is a genre who's origins are as simple as the four bar blues, so their movement was significant. We now have a flurry of rock genres, from alternative to indie, but the fact remains that it's still rock and roll. I think that hip hop is headed in the same direction.. Sub genre & massive cultural impact. Those who complain about the transformation and trend will be left behind because the past will not return and in all honesty, why should we want it to? Why not love forward movement?




Killa said...

White people always find ways to invalidate black art by calling it "simple" or other such sub-consciously racist words. The fact of the matter is that both rock and hip hop are, in their origin, black. The greatest transformation with both began when the dominant white culture began to interact with them, be it artistically, or from a business and/or consumer perspective.

Dekk said...

I was in no way commenting on the historical context of genre as it pertains to difference, power and discrimination, nor was I invalidating any art form.

My basic point: Hip Hop is growing into something new.

Are their racial implications tied in that growth? Certainly, but that's a different discussion ;-)