Monday, September 28, 2009

Ahh Sweet Dude!!! Do not miss this tape!! New heat from the Detroit homie, Young Scolla. Prelude To Perfection serves as a warm-up for the main event, which will be The TPT Experience. Originally and R&B vocalist, this tape shows off Scolla's many talents as a next class emcee. Look forward to a ton of new music from Young Scolla throughout the rest of 2009 and stay tuned for a Dekk/Young Scolla collaboration in 2010. Stream and download below:

  1. Prelude to Perfection (intro)

  2. Can I live ft. Will Grinden

  3. Maybach Muzik 2.5 ft. S. Class

  4. Lust for Greatness

  5. Forgot About Me

  6. Married Man

  7. It Feels Good ft. Mac Miller

  8. So Far To Go

  9. Say You Will 2.0 ft. P.L.

  10. 4th Quarter

  11. Them Girls

  12. Paper Planes 2.0

  13. Infatuation (Dekk remix)

  14. Mook Grand Speaks

  15. If I Was With You (snippet)


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