Monday, June 22, 2009

Spring/Summer fever

I've never been the type to get a wandering eye just because the sun is out, but I sure as hell know people who do. We all go through stages of lust and desire, but at the end of the day what most people long for is something that they can hold on to. Everybody wants to give and receive love. EVERYBODY. Unfortunately we are taught to believe that "love" should wait until we're older and that our younger years should be reserved for "freedom". As a result, young people often times allow great relationships to slip away for the allure of "single life". Funny thing is, after a few months of "freedom" most people begin to feel lonely and empty. There is always somebody around to fuck, but never anybody around to listen, laugh or empathize. I've seen far too many friends go through the same thing and to be honest it can be frustrating. I've learned that "youth" should never be used as an excuse to make bad decisions because the fact of the matter is that young people have more time to live with the consequences than the elderly. If you truly love somebody or believe in something don't allow yourself to be persuaded by temptation that is no more than a group think. I understand that we must make mistakes in order to learn from them. However, if you look hard enough you will find that we can actually learn some things from observing the mistakes of others.

I was really hoping to be on some goofy blogging shit today, but for some reason this came out... LOL!



Anonymous said...

i feel that 110%

s said...

yo that's wack dude, i ain't lonely and empty!

Anonymous said...

Yo Dekk, keep maturity out of the game.

Uzo said...

Awww ... my sweet Dekk:)


Ha! you knew I was going to do that though, didn't you? :) Wink, Wink, :)