Friday, June 19, 2009

the new motto = slow down

I've been driving too fast lately... So fast that I'm afraid I would kill a dinosaur if I ran into it. I don't want that. I want to gently knock that dinosaur out, tie it up and bring it home with me... ya dig? I'm trying to find the balance between focus, hard work, productivity and mental health. Life is too beautiful to spend nervous and worried... not even the sexiest dinosaur is worth living like a maniac. Next week I'm going to start seeing my old therapist again. He is dope as hell with his craft LOL! These past few weeks have really exposed how much pressure I put on myself and how I allow that pressure to manifest in areas of my life where it doesn't belong. I've got to learn how to challenge myself without it being destructive. I need to forgive some people in my past and most importantly I need to trust the people who I am currently surrounded by.

I really love you guys (they few that read!)



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