Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jay Child- "Twitter Page"

Here it is... Jay Child's promo single. This track was produced by yours truly and inspired by the ever growing impact that online social networking has on the Hip Hop community. I am extremely proud of this record. It's a step in a different direction from Beautiful Music.

"Twitter Page" is an anthem for all my internet heads... Put this shit on and "update" your ass off!! LOL

If you like this, you will be blown away by the upcoming release in August titled "A Child Is Born". For more info on Jay Child click here.


Anonymous said...

Where's the link to his twitter page?

Dekk said...

if you click the link for "more info" on Jay Child you will be directed to his mypsace where there is a tab to link up with him on twitter...

or go to:



Michael said...

congratz on the release homie!