Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My favorite ladies...

I have a special place in my heart for beautiful women who make beautiful music (how original right?). Of all the talented ladies doing their music thing right now these are my 9 favorites.... Before you ask, NO!! I DID NOT FORGET ANYBODY... Ms. Hill is not on here because I'm convinced that she intentionally breaks our hearts every year by not releasing anything... Ms. Scott is off the list because it was either her or Ms. Badu (I'm a sucker for Badu). Keri Hilson is not on the list because she simply doesn't make music anywhere near the caliber of the ladies below. Rhianna, although interesting nude, doesn't cut it and Cassie... well, let's just say (stop Dekk)... Mariah... PPPLEEEEAAASSSEE!! Ha!... Anyways, enjoy y'all... Just press play ya diiiiggggg?!!

Jack Davey (of J*Davey)
Dirty Peaches



Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon)
Stormy Weather

Lily Allen
Not Fair

Eykah Badu

Gerogia Anne Muldrow

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Uzo said...

I LOVE LOVE Adele! Haven't heard of some of the folks featured in this post so gets to get to tracking and listening to more of their works.

You should do this more often; that is create lists of banging artists the likes of us can check out.