Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Can we officially call the Internet a cultural element of Hip Hop?

In all seriousness, blogs are a bigger part of my daily acculturation than break dancing and graffiti writing (no offense to the artists of those crafts).



LettertoJane said...

Did Tupac use the internet? No! So we can't add it to the culture. Why do you want the internet anyways? All it does it take masculinity out of Hip-Hop, for example:

Ja. said...

Tupac didnt break dance, or beat box, or DJ, etc. And those are elements of hip hop, right?

The internet wasnt like it is now back in the 90s. It's a huge tool for upsoming artists. I'm not saying it should be but you're reasons are straight garbage.

Too much masculinity in hip hop is the reason it sucks most of the time anyway. Everythings "gay"

Gets old..

Michael said...

hahahaha. That's a great idea. We should also add the internet as one of the elements of nature. fire, water, earth, wind, love :), with our powers combined, Captain Interweb!!! No seriously though, the dance floor isn't an element, the dancing is the element. . . you naw what I'm saAAAANNE?