Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The T-ReX Roar #1

yEs YeS ya'll!!! This is my first playlist.... Random=YES, but very ME which=good... I'm gonna be posting more lists monthly so dial in... free long distance.. click the link to hear the song in the Yahoo player... Chyeah! Spread Music babies!

Kid CuDi (feat. Kanye West) Poker Face

Chester French- Neal

Matt & Kim Cutdown

Lily Allen Fuck You

Brandun DeShay I Figured it Out

Asher Roth (feat. Chester French) As I Em

Curren$y- Galaxy


LettertoJane said...

Yo that shit is FRESSHHHH

jason said...

So if by putting Lily Allen's ""Fuck You" on your playlist, does that mean you're really diggin it? Cause I've never heard a more arrogant and hypocritical track in my whole life I don't think, not even from any of those ignorant rappers out there.

Only haters hate on haters. She's still part of the very problem she's ranting against and probably doesn't even know it. I feel kind of sorry for her actually.

Good song musically though. I like vocal effects when it pitches up and harmonizes and what not.