Friday, April 3, 2009

Hungry for your Dinosaur?

Lord knows I am!! Getting closer and closer to finding my dino though and Spread has only been in business for 5 months. At this point we are scrambling to put together a good team (lawyer & accountant) because there are some major things on the table for Beautiful Music. I don't want to say too much in case they fall through, but lets just say that Europe and Japan better watch out for Luck-One & DEKK!!

Beyond Beautiful Music, Spread has started working on a project with our first artist Jay Child. After just two days in the Studio we have the beginnings of HITS... Swear to god H-I-T-S!!! Check out his myspace by clicking the pic or name and be on the lookout for his mixtape "A Child is Born" set to drop this summer... Oh yeah, did I mention that we have hits coming in the fall??? cuz we do!



Hanif said...

Is he on your label now? Will you be producing the whole disc?

Joey said...

keep grindin dekk!