Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the not-so-glam....

I spend most nights on a couch in my mother's house... I'm almost 25 years old and barely make the cheap rent that she charges me... I don't have a car and I can't afford one, so as a kind gesture my pops is going to give me a small loan... I'm surrounded by debt... equipment, college loans, business expenses... This June I will most likely join the unemployed unless I somehow magically find a job in this failing economy... Part of me doesn't want to find a job... I want to focus on my dreams, my business, my craft... but I have to stand on my own two as much as I can...

Every single day is a humbling experience for me. Whether it's a ride home from work or a borrowed quarter to catch the bus, I am constantly relying on others to keep me afloat. Sometimes I like to think that all those who help me do so because they believe in my vision, but doesn't that sound selfish? It seems like every month something new comes up that puts those around me at a disadvantage. I can sense that the risks I'm taking are starting to take a toll on my loved ones and it breaks my heart.

To those who sacrifice so much, please know that I am doing everything I can to get on my feet. I can't promise when my day will come, but I am working tirelessly to make sure that it is soon.

No matter how hard things get, I love you my life.



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YoungScolla said...

Things will work out for you bro! I promise you they will. Shit is critically hard now but if you stick with it, it will pay off in the end! You just have to continue to grind and be resourceful. As well as market ya music to the best of your ability so you can start getting checks off of it. I think you guys should press up "Beautiful Music" and start selling it independently or try to find a company that will distribute it for you.

But it'll work out fam!

God Blesses His Hardworking Children