Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People it's okay to lie to....


LettertoJane said...

This is actually pretty clever, great job!

jason said...

It would have been more clever if you had found a way to insert a mirror widget that would reflect the browsers face back at them as they viewed the list of faces.

Because we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that we are more than ok with lying to ourselves.

In fact, the exclusion of the self from this list begins to transition the post away from clever and moves it into the realm of heartbreaking and needy. And this is great?

Oh how we lie to ourselves, and straight to our own bold faces!

Ps, my dad's a car salesman. If you're into finding a great deal on a used car, he will hook you up with the best thing he can find...without lying to you. He's an honest man in a sketchy business, and I am proud of him.

Dekk said...

This post is a Joke! I don't honestly believe that it is ethical to lie to these groups of people. However, I must admit that I have lied to people in these professions quite a bit. In particular:



Timothy Moore said...

Shutup Dekk you and me lie all the time, once I told you your oversized glasses made you look thinner, that was an exaggeration.