Monday, March 30, 2009

just got the word that... that... that......

... that... that...

a project I worked on about two years ago IS GOING TO BE RELEASED THIS SUMMER!

Artist: Jay Child

Project: A Child is Born MixTape

Jay Child is a Portland area artist and he is extremely nice. "A Child is Born" is an exploration of his punchline/swag/word play style, but trust me when I tell you that he is capable of rocking concepts as well. Dude is super bonkers with the gift and we are working on some new shit right now... Dare I say, "that next shit!!"... Anyways, Jay Child gets his popular on like Patrick Dempsey did once he got cool in "Can't Buy Me Love":

Busy week this week... I've got a crazy interesting meeting tonight, but I'm playing it close to the chest with ya'll until I get the final word... Let's just say that things are looking up for me in several different ways and not just because of this meeting...

Check this conversation I just had with myself:

Anonymous: "Hey Dekk..."

Dekk: "Yeah what's up?"

Anonymous: "give em that JEEZY SHIT!!!"



Lemon Out-


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Kid Couture said...

Damn! your blog is funny...mine's not even useful!