Monday, January 5, 2009

back to it

Made something special in the studio today... I'm really starting to get nervous that what I've been working on lately will take people off guard... It's just not "hip hop" anymore... So I wonder:

Will my rapper friends stop calling for free beats now?

Will I have to start working with singers?

Can I pull off the sound that I want to pull off without scaring away an audience?

Am I making a good business decision?

Should I mix it hi-fi or lo-fi?

Tomorrow is today... gone to bed my people... going to mix this track tomorrow and post it for ya'll to check out...



1 comment:

Skank-Dog said...

Theres nothing wrong with your sound fam. It's best to dabble in both "pop" and "hip hop" sounds.

Have you looked at the Top 40 lately???

The "Hip Pop" records are working

The rap game of today is more "808 & Heartbreaks" than "Striaght Outta Compton"

Keep doing your thang Dekk

1 SD*