Monday, January 5, 2009

Cartoon pizza

This entry is Strictly Jazz Samples, meaning that it's dedicated to Kid Couture. Do you know that we almost named our entertainment group "Cartoon Pizza"?
Moving on...
I've been thinking a lot about 2009 and have come to realize that it's a year full of opportunity. There are some tricks up my sleeve, problem is they're so far up there that I can't reach them yet. Good news is that I'm hungry and the game is delicious looking... like cartoon pizza..
  • Confusion, what's up with the project?
  • DeShay, track?
  • Joey, your blog is hotter by the week...
  • Kilo-grammars, music?
  • SD, tracks are headed your way soon!
  • Scolla, all the way from Detroit and we're going to make this shit happen!
  • Oh!, I haven't forgotten you... Soon, I promise...
simple math
god damn this was a ramble

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Skank-Dog said...

Def be checking for those tracks

Dekk letz get it fam!

1 SD*