Friday, November 14, 2008


I've been thinking a lot lately about the consequences of pursuing a career in the music industry. There is this notion that one must be willing to drop everything for their "chance"....

Sometimes I feel cornered because I'm simply not willing to forsake certain things. For instace, if made to choose between Randa and music, I choose Randa... If made to choose between family and music... FAMILY (no question).... Same goes for my approach... I refuse to be some corporate smut peddler infesting the open wounds of our social structure with ignorant, heartless expression. It's not worth it to me...

I love music... but do I love it more than anything in the world? NO.

Would I do anything to make it? NO.

Do I accept the possibility that my limits may force me to pursue another career? YES.

My reality will operate on my terms. I believe that I can balance a love for art, family and companionship, therefore it's possible. There are no answers....

answers = limitations

unknown = possibility


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