Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh! feat. Paris Runway- Venus (remix & original)

Next track for remix was submitted by an artist name Oh! out of Connecticut. He has an EP coming soon. Make sure and download his single, So Many Windows, by clicking here. I must be honest, this was an extremely difficult song to remix because the original is bangin! Much love to Oh! and Paris Runway. Hey Oh!, where can we find more from Paris as well?

Oh! (feat. Paris Runway)- Venus
If anybody else is interested in a remix, hit me at dekkmusic@gmail

Thank you for your participation Oh!...


P.S.- Shouts to Tim Moore for helping on this one!



Oh! said...

love the vibe ya'll brought wit it, i can definitely tell it wasnt easy

and btw...

JOEY said...

im feelin both tracks...good shit