Friday, November 14, 2008

hey.. grimey rapper... you are not grimier than:

Creed mutha f*ck*N BRATTON!
  1. Creed is more unethical than you.
  2. Creed is more skilled with a weapon.
  3. Creed gives less of a fuck than you do.
  4. Creed isn't afraid of being called "gay".
  5. Creed never snitches.
  6. Creed has more women on him at all times.
  7. Creed forgets his victims ever existed.
  8. Creed doesn't record bullshit songs dedicated to his mom.
  9. Creed doesn't rap about things he hasn't done.
  10. Creed doesn't need a gang, he doesn't even have friends.

I'm scared to say this, but Bratton, get at me if you need a track....


1 comment:

Timothy Moore said...

You should really drop the Dekk persona and just start going by creed or prodigy, we both know it's going to happen sooner or later.