Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hot food in a hot building is not cool...

just sayin.... I mean, if I'm too hot and I see a plate come out that contains melted cheese I instantly get uncomfortable. Something about the steam from the food on top of the irregular climate ya know?... just sayin.

anyways, today is cool. I'm still reeling from the energy of a track I composed last night with a friend. Dare I say I'm venturing into a new realm of creativity? Maybe.... Later today I've got a meeting with a well respected Portland Hip Hop producer. Gonna see what we can cook up... Project ahead, likely.

In Moxie Black news, the album is currently in the final mixing stages and will be sent off to be mastered by the end of January. We'll start rocking the PR and Radio Campaigns early February, which means that y'all won't hear the music until May... BUT... The EP will drop in March for FRRREEEEEEE!!! Yes, free.

Until tomorrow: