Tuesday, November 10, 2009

gimme six?

You ever wonder what it would be like to have 6 fingers? I do... Think of all the extra activities that you could partake in. For example, if you used five fingers to spin pizza dough you would have one finger left over to scratch your body with. Everybody knows that spinning pizza dough makes you itch which is why six fingered humans make the best pizza. Case and point below:

The advantage of the sixth finger lays in it's uncanny ability to carefully mix and match the food groups. Take a look above and you will notice that freedom fries, chicken nuggets, pizza and cheeseburgers were all strategically combined on one pie pan. This is literally impossible for five fingered human beings. Speaking of music that I like right now, why is everybody sleeping on Fitz and The Tantrums?

This is easily one of my favorite EP releases of the year and I can only hope that it results in a full length. Great music through and through... If you've been sleeping on this you should be as embarrassed as you would be using this cell phone:

I know that you trendy types are probably saying, "no way dude, that phone is awwweesssooommee.." BULLSHIT! If none of your friends were around to give you attention for it, you would be embarrassed to make phone call on this mammoth piece of shit. Not all things retro are cool and this phone, along with the massive gated snares of '80s pop music, should remain in the past.

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