Friday, October 30, 2009

Really? "Halloween?"

Halloween is fucking weird. I know that it's a "cool" thing to a lot of people, but take a minute to look at it from an outside perspective. What's cool about paying $100 to dress up like a slut, monster, mobster, celebrity or farm animal? As much as I'd like to boycott the dumb-fest all together, I have major plans to kick it with the homies, not to mention GF obligations (women seem to love Halloween)... So I'll be getting down no matter how little I'm looking forward to seeing a MILLION Michael Jackson costumes:

Seriously.. Just a heads up.. If you wear a Michael Jackson costume this Halloween you are not original or funny... AT ALL. Speaking of non original, bad comedies... did any of ya'll watch Cougar Town?:

Quite possibly the worst television show that I have ever seen in my life. Why did I watch it? Well... After a long day in the studio I decided it would be nice to drink with some friends, so I invited one over.... Unfortunately this particular friend insisted on watching Cougar Shit, which inevitably resulted in me deciding to consume more red wine than I am comfortable with. Thing is... red wine usually makes everything funny to me, but I still didn't laugh once. Sad really... Ms. Cox = dead to me (sad face).

Happy halloween Jeezy's.


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