Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I mean... it's entertainment people... sometimes it just happens this way...

I'm sure by now everybody has heard of Rick Ross's incident with Louis Vuitton. Some people around the net are really trippin on this dude on some "fuck his fake fat ass" type ish... Me, I don't give a fuck! Ha! If you think that Ross is the first rapper to sport fake Louis Vuitton gear then you are a dangerously gullible fan. Hip Hop is entertainment and image is huge part of it. Unfortunately the standard image for a hip hop mega star is so high that often times a measly 6 percent royalty check amidst slumping album sales doesn't cut it... so what would you do? PUT ON THE FAKE FUCKIN LOUSI V'S THAT'S WHAT! I'm really not mad at Ross... I'm more upset at this guy:

I have not read one positive review of this album and in all honesty I couldn't even make it past the first 4 tracks before erasing it from my hard drive. This man is still rapping about his childhood and his mother? and now about sucking his uncles dick? GROW UP EM! You're fucking approaching 40... Quit rap or update the formula. This whole Relapse business has me wondering if Detox hasn't dropped yet because it sucks too. What if? Is aftermath done? ha!


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LettertoJane said...

You know I hate eminem but Rolling Stone gave him a great review said it might be his best album ever. I don't agree with them but they gave an actually good review, just a different opinion is all I can say.