Sunday, February 8, 2009

my bad ya'll

My blogger game has been weeeeeaaaaakkkk!

I'ma start getting back in shape... Get my life right and all that ;-)

The first official EP that I have ever worked on drops this month. I'm proud of it. The disc will be sold non-profit style... All proceeds going to a charity yet to be named.

Title: Beautiful Music
Artist: Luck-one & Dekk

I will post a feature with several links on the official release date so that everybody can download it free of charge... I mean.. Not like anybody buys music these days anyway... Right?

Grammy's tonight.. *Sigh*


1 comment:

Hanif said...

Yo son, all loot goes to Free the Kids. Which is an organization that tries to create sustainable solutions to poverty in Haiti and stuff. Gullyness...