Tuesday, January 26, 2010

copyright criminals?? more like copyright crybabies...

So, I already posted this on the OTHER BLOG, but I decided I'd like to go into further detail with the dinosaurs... Basically, is sampling a fuck-head move or not?

Answer = sometimes

Let's be real, some of you dudes sample because you CAN'T play an instrument or compose a melody on your own. Let's be real, some of you dudes sample by LOOPING 4-8 bar segments of late 60's/early 70's records. I'm not anti sampling IF YOU'RE DOPE and UNIQUE, but if your shit just sounds like everybody else... well.... go kill yourself. Not really, but either go to the lab and practice or KILL YOUR CAREER. You're probably better suited as a manager anyways LOL.

All jokes aside, I don't really care how you make music so long as you are CONSTANTLY aspiring to create something beyond the confines of your skill level. That's my vision...