Monday, August 3, 2009

finding dinosaurs

I've come to realize that this whole process is impossible. The more that our visions begin to take shape the less they seem like dreams. It is impossible to find what does not exist. Music is quickly becoming my reality and as a result the fantasy is dissipating. Whether it's predetermined or self imposed, we all have a roll to play. For some it takes a lifetime behind curtains to memorize the script and get into character, for others it's just a matter of waiting for center stage to open up. I am the latter and my time is soon. Gone are the days of panic and unrest. I have fully accepted uncertainty and risk and have learned to combat them with patience and positivity. It is now clear to me that slow, careful , confident motion supersedes impulse and obsession. In order to create and inspire we must live with inspiration and creativity. The beauty in this is relativity. We can literally create our own purpose and change it as we see fit. In a right mind there is no such thing as failure and in a focused mind there is no such thing as success. Dedication is the middle point and where I choose to exist.

I've never been in a better place than where I'm at right now....