Thursday, July 16, 2009

So, I'm learning....

The music industry is fast. In other words, things change.... What seems like a good move today might seem like too much of a risk tomorrow. When it comes to business the only guarantee is a great product and a great product takes an exceptional amount of work, both inside and outside of the studio. If you are an aspiring artist you cannot expect to be successful by simply recording songs or making beats. You MUST educate yourself about the business and you MUST do everything in your power to master your artistic craft. In order to do this you should expect to spend NO LESS THAN 40 HOURS PER WEEK on music and music related tasks. Network, study, rehearse, record, reference, write, create, research, perform.... Take a minute and reflect about how you've been spending your time... If you are completely satisfied then you are on the fast track for FAILURE. You can always do more, you can always do better and you can always work harder... NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF SATISFACTION. This is not to say that you shouldn't enjoy your success, but instead that you should ensure further success and enjoyment by constantly aiming higher. Very few understand this mentality and as a result very few are successful in this industry. Self motivation is KEY. Don't depend on a label or deal... Wake yourself up and put yourself to work. Minimize your distractions, whether it's weed, video games, women or friends. Every move you make should be a move that makes you a better artist and a better business person. Real talk... now to live my own advice.... GET EM!


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