Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a good cookie...

I had the most yowza choco chip cookie this morning (at a coffee shop)... Teamed that lil cookie up with an americano (no cream, just bitter yo)... So, about right now I'm feeling buzzed... All sugared and caffeine-d up... I can't keep secrets while trippin on choco-caffeine-chips so I'm just going to spill the lil beans I've been gathering...

It's OFFICIAL... Luck-One and I are BACK! We've decided to team up for a full length project set to drop Feb/March 2010. The concept: MAKE A FUCKING CLASSIC..... The goal: MAKE A FUCKING CLASSIC. Watch out world, we HUNGRY!! In the meantime, peep this new Luck-One track that was just featured on illroots... It's banonkerz (bananas & bonkerz). I didn't do this beat, but I wish I did ;-) Good work Luck!

Luck-One- Right Now

Second Secret: It's OFFICIAL... illaj & I are going in on an ELECTRO-POP EP... The vision: MAKE MUSIC THAT PEOPLE WILL MAKE MISTAKES TOO..... The goal: ENABLE YOUR BAD DECISION MAKING... lol... Really though, illaj is an extremely creative, open minded dude who is eager to stretch the limits of hip hop culture. I'm super excited about this project because I need an outlet that allows me to take "the box" and say "FUCK YOU BOX"... lol... We're hoping to wrap this up and get it out by Oct/Nov 2009. In the meantime, download illaj's latest mixtape "What Would Picasso Do?"


umm... Just in case you're slow... CLICK THE TITLES TO DOWNNLOAD ish!!... and umm... just in case you forgot, Jay Child and I are releasing and EP in September... Wow... I've been working hard haven't I??? CHYYYYYEEEEEAAAHHH!!


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Randa said...

Can't wait to hear the new stuff!! Good luck, love :)