Thursday, March 5, 2009

a moment...

Today the lovely Randa Smith (my life partner aka "girlfriend") sent me this text message:

"I love you brian dekker! Im performing for luey with my hairbrush rite now lol"

Luey is her/our dogs name and it just so happens that he is my favorite animal EVER! Randa is going to be performing "Coulda Been Me" at the album release party tonight and is rehearsing to fight the nerves.

So, I get this image of her (the angel, the goddess) holding a hairbrush and singing to him (the goof, the clutz) and all of sudden it hits me how truly wonderful my life is. As simple as it was, it damn near brought me to tears.

It's strange how the moments we live for strike us in such unexpected ways. Not sure if its god or chance. All I know is that it's beautiful.

I love you Randa Smith. Sing your heart out!! luey and I will always be there to listen :-)


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