Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beautiful Music EP

"The Coolax"

"80's Back"

Beautiful Music is the first official project of my young career... AND IT'S FINALLY HERE! 7 tracks all produced by ME and MC'd by the super talented Luck-One of Portland, OR. This project was a learning experience for me, both as a producer and as a business person. I must admit that during the creation of this product I went through a musical transition that made it extremely difficult for me to maintain focus on the end result. Fortunately, Luck had the foresight and patience to stick with the formula and keep me in line.
It's a crazy good feeling though to see everything come together the way that it has. I am SUPER BONKERS about this release!! It's Hip-Hop, it's intelligent, it's infectious, and most importantly IT'S HONEST. Thanks to Luck-One for your tireless work and thanks to all the features! Here it is ya'll... Please download and enjoy!



P.S.- Anybody in the Portland area, THE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY IS THIS THURSDAY NIGHT AT BERBATIS!! If you're interested in attending, get at me..



Anonymous said...

Coolax is my SHIT!

YoungScolla said...

These two tracks go in bro! I'm downloading the project now.

- Scolla
If I like the rest which I know I will, I'm gonna post it on my blog.

YoungScolla said...

WTF DEKK!!! Yo we gotta go in on my shit like you did on this shit! Cuz this project is remarkable! Like WOW THOUGH!!!! MAN I'm Bout to promote the fuck outta this shit. I'm sending it to DJBooth right now! He runs the internet. We're gonna have this all over the net! Shit is truly a masterpiece.

This impressed the hell outta me and music doesn't do that now a days. Luck one is a beast. We gotta collab

Randa said...

Congrats on your first EP, love! I'm honored to have been a part of it and can't wait to perform at the party :)

Joey said...

Yo dekk, the production is FIRE! For real, great EP

(Listens to The Coolax..)

Saren J. said...
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Saren J. said...

Dekker! You rock this album--and Luck-One is amazing.

And, man, Randa is perfect in "Coulda Been Me."

I'm super proud of you fabulous people!