Saturday, February 28, 2009

you ever have one of those days...

... when you start to wonder how long the ground beneath you will be able to hold the weight of your decisions?

when is the bottom going to finally cave in? and when it does, will I fly or sink?...

not on some life or death, depression type shit... I'm happy... really.

Just... just scared ya'll. Nervous.

Can't really see myself doing anything but music... just wonder sometimes if music feels the same way about me..

Everybody keeps telling me to be patient, but I'm not a patient person.

Speed up.

Two worlds.



LettertoJane said...

You're in it for the long term, you're going to have to accept that.

Nickolas said...

Got your message, I will call you soon! Since you love the music, you will probably feel the anxieties that go along with trying to make a living out of it for a while. Patience is key, but also developing a perspective that justifies and rectifies the time you put in. PEACE BIG DEKK!!!