Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We're comin.. soon (that's what she said?)...

Anyways... had a good two days in the studio with Late Davis and the enormously talented Jason Normansen aka The Dust Will Settle...

Next up:
  1. Finish Remix for Young Scolla (might be a pretty cool feature if all goes well)
  2. Finish Daydreamin with Young Scolla (heard the hook... FIYAHH!!)
  3. Begin electronic/dance project... (what? YEAAAAHHH!! I'ma do it... I'm starting a band.. REALLY!!! The members= Dekk, Kid Couture, The Dust Will Settle, Tim Moore, Late Davis and Randa Smith)... Band Name is forthcoming... or should it be "Band Name"?



Randa said...

Oooo I'm officially part of "the project"! Exciting :)

Kid Couture said...

AWWW YEAH SON I can't wait for this ish!!!!