Sunday, January 11, 2009

Could it be????

A dinosaur?

I swear to god I'm starting to see them... dreams are getting closer to reality..

This weekend was cool. I got to spend some time with the lovely future Mrs. Dekk ;-)... We will hyphenate our last names though... I'm not in to that whole male dominance tradition shit... nothing against it, just would rather that Randa and I take each others last names...

I just started this beat tonight that is BONKERS!!! It's on some get the fuck up and make a mistake in the bar type shit... dunno what that really means except that it's high energy... I'm excited to see where it goes once Tim can help me get the sequencing and mix right.. beware though werewolf hip hoppers... its 120 BPM... lol..

Anyways, much love to all those who politely listen to me talk about what's maybe to come! lol! I swear... sometimes I feel like that guy that's always claiming that his break is coming soon...

good thing is that I'm going to make my own break... ya dig?

Peace & Love!


1 comment:

Michael Faris said...

I think it's awesome that you're also taking Randa's last name!

I'm sorry I missed you when I visited town. :(