Saturday, December 6, 2008

tomorrow on the radio?

Tomorrow I've got a little radio interview on one of the local stations in Portland.. Luck set it up... It's not a major step, but it's definitely in the right direction... After the interview we are meeting up with an extremely talented designer who is willing to donate his time to create a logo for Spread.. This particular designer works for Nike and was a part of the Olympic marketing team.. He told Couture that he loves music and is willing to help us for free... Big break, huh?!

Thus far December has been a success. I know that its early, but I'm extremely proud of myself and my team.. We still have a long way to go, but I'm learning that it's important to cherish each small victory along the way.. Our website will be up soon, out tour plan is coming together (slowly), we have booked some more shows for Couture and the EP with Luck will be done next week, well at least all of the recording.. The mixing and mastering will be done by the new year... after that...

We will be gearing up for our first artist to come home in February.. He has been in prison for 8 years and is hungry... I can't wait for ya'll to hear how raw he is... crazy talent... It's exciting...

Anyways, I'm getting kind of sleepy.. I'll be at ya'll tomorrow..


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