Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LOL!!! Suge Knight sues Kanye.....

I found this on MTV news dot com (yeah I spelled out dot com)... This shit is rediculous. A while back Suge was shot at one of Kanye's parties. I posted only a little bit of the article and put my favorite part in bold:

During the scuffle, Knight — who says he attended the party with a "false sense of security" — claims someone shot him in the upper right leg, shattering his bone and requiring surgery, months of physical therapy and continued mental pain and suffering and loss of income. He also says that he lost a $135,000 diamond stud earring, which was retrieved by someone who identified himself as an employee, and who assured Knight the earring would be returned, though it was not. Knight believes the person worked for West or one of the other defendants in the suit.

Knight requests that the earring either be returned or replaced, as he has been "deprived of the use and enjoyment of the earring" since the August 2005 incident.

WOW!! Is this a sign of the times? Could "Gangsta Rap" really be fading so much that one of it's fore fathers is suing an auto tuning, cool-nerd who wears bright colors over an earring? I love this shit! Ha!


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D said...

is that a frylock shirt? freakin sweet