Monday, November 3, 2008

I just got off the phone...

... with our labels first artist (name yet to be determined)... we'll call him A.J. for now... others may know him as Treal...

It's always a good feeling to speak with him and throw ideas around. There are some amazing things in store. I can say this much, some of you will hate what we do.... others will love it.... either way, our approach is going to be unique and creative, which is why I predict a polarization...

Speaking of polarization, did ya'll vote yet? I'm turning in my shit tomorrow.... and yes... I'm voting for:

JOHN McCAIN---------- FUCK THAT!!!!!!

Obama baby!!!

Dear Usher,

Please know that you almost cost Obama a vote with your video/song. That being said, I made a beat for you and am willing to sell it for the price of one of your pairs of jeans or, in other words, the dollar amount it would take to feed a 3rd world country for a month.

Love Always,


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