Thursday, November 6, 2008

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Dekk said...

My question is,

why would you continue to worship or even acknowledge the existence of an all powerful "God" that wastes time sitting around being jealous?

If it were a lover, we would consider it an unhealthy relationship, right?

So, why is it cool for "God" to be jealous? Jealousy is an emotion that is often driven by insecurity and misinformation. Should we be worshiping a "God" that makes decisions on that basis?

Also, supposedly "God" has a "plan" for everyone, right? This would mean that "God" already knew that Mr. Obama would become the president of the United States, correct? Well, then why the fuck is "God" all jealous about it now?

What kind of petty being "wills" something to happen and then throws a jealous temper tantrum when it actually happens?

I refute the notion that "God" has a plan for everyone. It would require me to believe that "God" plans the many atrocities that go on in this world.

The accepted definitions of "God" (as written in text) are nothing short of ridiculous.

Charles your definition, with the whole "woman" thing, is cool. However, why would something as powerful as "God" be limited to an insufficient human construct such as gender?

I dig that you want to embrace and empower femininity , but at what point are we spending too much time chasing "God" and not enough time chasing the divinity within ourselves?

It's this simple. The sooner men can figure women out, which includes how to keep them happy in all the ridiculous ways they wanna be happy, the closer we'll get to inner divinity... dead ass. Like I said. I believe God is a woman. And the natural insecurities that dwell within a woman are simply the human-like traits of God.

But people will learn. And maybe then the change will come... I have my issues with the world that if I was in office, I know what to take care of REAL quick. But I can honestly say that since they are why life continues to go on (maternally), that women are important to life. So treat em right. Aight? (just wanted to PSA rap right quick)

Gone... this blog entry took way longer than I anticipated... I went to sleep writing this... sleep is something I been getting a lot of lately...

~~Charles Hamilton~~

thought it was cool that Sonic put my words on his blog... I hit him with a reply... Anyways, if you're not up on his music... GOOGLE him or check the shining shadows link here. Peace!

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