Monday, November 24, 2008

-Christmas List-

It's getting to be that time of year, so I figured I'd make a list..

  • A lawyer for Spread LLC
  • A wealthy private investor for Spread LLC (I love putting that LLC at the end... don't know why)
  • A college loan fairy (I heard they exist)
  • A sudden reversal of the economic recession
  • A lime green Geo Metro (yea boi!!! 40 mpg in this!)
  • An all expenses paid trip to Italy with Randa
  • A Roland Fantom G (sexy... I might take her to Italy instead... Just kidding baby!)
  • 32 GB Ipod Touch (I already posted bout this.. so FrEsH..)
  • Veneers (my front teeth are kinda jacked up... want to get them fixed)
  • Health insurance (funny how it's so low on my list.. lol!)
  • My mom to get married
  • My mom to not be in pain ever again
  • My pops to start his own successful business (again!)
  • Randa to love herself the way that she deserves to be loved (you overlook how wonderful you are Randa)
  • No more tears from the women I love, except tears of Joy
  • Same sex marriage legalized in all states and territories
  • A house (it would be cool to own a house.. lol)
  • A Roland Fantom G (I have a crush.. okay... leave me alone..)
  • A scientific breakthrough that would allow me to never sleep without any side effects
  • Health and happiness for all of my loved ones
  • Andy to find Katie (lmao)
  • An explanation for a man named Bruce
  • Healthy candy (wouldn't that be the best invention?)
  • A new suit (3 piece)
  • A new D'Angelo album (pppllllleeeeeaasssssse?)
  • The Nas & Primo thing to actually happen
  • Lupe decides not to retire
  • People to start appreciating Robin Thicke more
  • A gift certificate to WinCo (nevermind, I'ma get food stamps)
  • A Roland Fantom G (did I say that already?)
  • Blackberry Storm (dope-ness!)

Okay.. this list could go forever... Please know that I did not put these in any order of significance...

I expect all presents to be under my tree on Christmas morning. I will be praying for these things as well.. Just kidding, I don't pray...



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