Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kanye West- Love Lockdown (on Ellen)

So, I know I'm late on this video.... Few things 1. The constant slow motion is far too cliche for a song that is attempting to break the mold. 2. This shit was really kind of boring except for one scene that I thought was beautiful, 3min 45sec in there is a shot with two women in florescent paint against the white background. Some would argue that this shot is an objectification of the female body and a "male-centric" portrait of female lovers.... Fuck all that, it was a beautiful, artistically done shot. It was erotic, but not degrading. I say this from my perspective, however, I acknowledge that my lens is fogged with unearned privilege.

Moving on, Kanye is really pushing the limits with this new shit he's doing. There are a lot of people around me who hate on Kanye, in fact my business partner refers to him as "Kanye Spears"! Lol! I have mad respect for Yeezy. He's imaginative and he's fearless. Yeah I said fearless. He has changed the "face" of hip hop in his short, 3 going on 4 album career. It may be a coincidence, but as 'Ye has gotten more and more popular, solid artists have been emerging (Lupe Fiasco) and reemerging (Common) as forces in the Hip Hop community. I personally believe that Kanye is at the forefront of what is to become a renaissance of artistic Hip Hop music and culture. That being said, I really don't dig the tracks that I've heard off of 808's and Heartbreak. I don't dig it, but being an artist myself, I respect it. The production is ill and sometimes creative people have a need to explore mediums that they've never had the chance to explore. Kanye is a music fanatic. Soul, indie, house, you name it and that cat is up on it. Sometimes I wish I could sing, maybe he see's autotune as an excuse to try it! Either way, no matter how hard this shit flops, he'll be back with another album or beat that will blow our minds. Like I said, mad respect for Ye!

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