Monday, October 27, 2008

Before anyone asks....

Finding Dinosaurs comes from a corny ass movie where one of the characters confesses their childhood dream of becoming a dinosaur. The quote was something to the effect of "Don't forget your dinosaur, don't forget your dream." For some reason it stuck with me.

My "dinosaur" is music and this blog is to be a documentation of how I find it. Yeah, I know it's weird.... Really, I'm kind of a weird guy... but its whatever.

Part of my journey is examining how others have found their dinosaurs (i.e. the Kanye post). On the other hand, I am also dealing with constant distraction, hence the McCain/Ice T nonsense.

I'm Random, but I fucking love my dino.


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Wordsmith Brotha said...

I love your Dino too! Yippie YaY for Bible College!! props to you my dude, blog is looking real dope